Third Year | March 2017
1st Place Epic Metals Competition | in collaboration with Gunn Chaiyapatranun


Critical Question

    How does a temporary structure facilitate celestial flows?

The celestial observation shelter, designed like a Chashitsu Japanese tearoom, is a simple one-story space planned intentionally to be almost uncomfortably small, with little to no fenestration on each of the four walls. This provides an environment for intimacy and conversation while directing attention towards the sky above. The geometry is inspired by ship hulls, which represent adventure and discoverya and the sextant, an instrument of maritime navigation and astronomical study; emphasizing the practical use of celestial observation as a means of way finding and understanding our relative presence in the universe. The shelter is designed as an aggregation of attached additional bays linked to oneanother providing opportunity for expansion. The adjustable footings allow for situation in uneven terrains.