January 2018 - August 2019
Professor John Folan

How can building disassembly, material harvesting and new housing construction assist in the elimination of concentrated poverty?

The Home Re_Considered studio focuses on housing design and housing implementation strategies that can be employed at scale to deconcentrate poverty. Collaborating with community residents, a non-profit 510c3 Community Development Organization (CDO), a material repurposing center, and job-skill training organization, the vertically integrated interdisciplinary studio investigates mechanisms for increasing public knowledge about regionally-specific housing-related issues and developing scenarios for mixed income development.

The objective of the studio is to design a viable single-family infill housing prototype (RE_CON 01) and development strategies for site utilization that can promote inclusive, mixed-income development in urbanized areas where gentrification threatens displacement of low-income residents. The studio explores the relationship between building disassembly, material harvesting, and new housing construction oriented toward the elimination of concentrated poverty. Addressing dramatic shifts in regional housing needs that have precipitated over the past 70 years, the studio utilizes participatory processes to develop viable urban housing strategies that can continue to evolve with regional population dynamics.

Developed by a vertically integrated, interdisciplinary team that consists of 4 Fourth Year BArch students, 3 Fifth Year BArch students, 8 MArch II students, 4 Architecture Engineering Construction Management (AECM) students, and 15 students in a collaborating Reality Computing course, the aspiration is that the content represented will aid in the development of thinking and policy related to disinvestment that focuses on inclusion and population retention.